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Chaithanya Oils – Packing Design

Elathi Digital is a leading digital marketing agency based in Mumbai. We have been working with Chaithanya Oils to design 3 eye-catching minimal packing designs for their Coconut Oil, Gingelly Oil, Groundnut Oil products.

We wanted the packaging to be suitable for all of these oils because they have their own benefits in cooking. Likewise, we also wanted each one of the bottles to look different so that customers know which oil they’re buying without having to read the label on the bottle itself.

Each design features a different colour scheme with an impressive minimalist graphic design that is both attractive and chic. They also have a how to use section at the bottom of each package with simple instructions on how best to cook with their products!
The colours used in these packaging designs were carefully chosen by our team of designers based on what would appeal most to its target audience: Indian women who love cooking traditional Indian dishes from scratch!


Labelling Design for Oil Product

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